Fernweh;A crave for travel.

We live in this immense world,
with unique people all around us
and a vast variety of countries to visit,
yet most of us stay glued to one place our whole life.
We have the freedom to learn about different cultures and explore every corner of the world, yet most of us don’t.
Far too often the “I don’t have the time” excuse is used
or yet worse, “I don’t have the money.”
It’s far too easy to get stuck in a daily routine, with high levels of stress and suppressed feelings of exhilaration.
There are lessons to be learned every day
and studying abroad will only expand on them.
Being independent is a lesson that will be forced upon me,
yet an experience I will take with gratitude.
Being in a new country, with new people and new routines will urge me out of my comfort zone.
I will try different things and make my own decisions,
without the familiar feeling of my mother being beside me.
Another experience that I am truly excited for is to grow as a person,
to take this opportunity and run with it; to get out there and experience everything this world has to offer.
Emerging myself in a new culture will hopefully break down a layer of my introvert wall.
I hope culture shock will help me develop thicker skin,
teach me to trust myself and to live without a plan all the time.
I aspire to find myself among the unfamiliarity.
My aim is to come back home as a more
compassionate, patient, adventurous and wise person.
There’s no doubt that being in a different world will change you,
change your perspectives on issues outside your bubble.
I am determined to learn as much as possible,
about the differences shared between one culture and my own,
to understand other people better
and to appreciate what I have back home.
One of my favorite hobbies is to read,
and I’ve read about many different cultures
and have been in countless stories taking place all around the world,
but now I want to live in it first-hand.
I want to have tapas with Spaniards at eleven at night and
I want to have a Sunday roast with an English family.
I want to get lost in the streets of Paris and
discover the scenery of Milan.
There is a quote by Ibn Battuta which I truly like that says;
“Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” That’s exactly what I plan to do once I return home.
I want to tell my stories and share my adventures,
all in hope of inspiring people.
Not only to travel, but to genuinely live,
to take chances and experience as much as possible.
At this time, I can’t be completely certain on what I will actually learn from this experience, but what I do know is that it will leave me with
treasured memories, laughs, and friendships.
I aspire to learn enough lessons to last me a lifetime and
pass them on to those around me.



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