Define Humans.

Find a dictionary and look up the word.
It is a noun, correct me if I’m wrong, the definition is a human being.

Now find a synonym, same meaning, just a different word.
What do you see? A “person” indeed.
Someone with a beat in their chest,
who lives and breathes and laughs and cries.

The person that wakes up every day, to get on with their day.

But now look closely at the definition, take a look again.
Tell me what are the requirements to fall under its denotation.
Is there any guidelines to being a human being?

Does it itemize a specific kind or perhaps a specific prototype?
Does it state what race they should be or excludes a certain nationality?

Does it define them by height or by weight?
How about by skin color or language they speak?

Is there an age restriction, a trend to follow, or a culture that is above?
Should they all have the same opinions, a unison of beliefs.

Does it include any disabilities or mention any exceptions?

No? I didn’t think so.
A human being is a person, no matter the variables.
To be treated with respect and ultimate affection,
Instead we are judged and defined by something we are not.

Lets not look down upon someone who looks a bit different,
or contradicts your every interest.

We are all humans, regardless of labels.



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