Morning view at Starbucks

8:30am rush.
Suits and jeans,
portfolios and school bags.
Deals being made, coffee being prepared.
Meetings on video, reunions with friends.
A break from work, a treat before class. Baristas are hectic preparing their art.
Hello hugs and loud laughs, drowning the order of the man next in line.
A long queue ahead, a dash of stress, it’s a rainy day.
An affable get-together between two ex-lovers, a mom with her kid who skipped school and now colors.
Another suit and tie, a lawyer indeed. A game of chess, exchanging some canny stares.
Coffee beans pervade the room, lifting the mood of this morning gloom.
Couple minutes past nine, now everybody is gone.
Going back to the duties of a nine to five life.



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