A life-living bucket list.

Who doesn’t love a good long bucket list?

They’re full of fun and excitement!

Really though, it’s like having all these different plans for the near future and every time I think of something new to add it just makes me that much more excited! Of course, you actually have to try and live it, if not then what’s the purpose of even creating a bucket list in the first place?

Recently, I’ve been adding a couple of things to mine, so I thought I’d share with you guys! Maybe you can get some ideas for yours and you can give me some ideas for mine!

(Except for No. 1- 3 the rest are in no particular order, they all sound equally fun! )

  1. Visit London
    My life long dream. I’ve always said my heart belongs in London and I was blessed to visit this magical city last December 2014. It’s safe to say it stole my heart & I realized I really do belong among the Londoners.IMG_2276
  2. Study Abroad
    This ties in with the one above, because after taking a Europe trip I knew I HAD to go back on my own. I made it my 2015 goal and now I can gratefully say that I will be studying abroad in Leeds, England this upcoming semester, Spring 2016! YES!
  3. Go to Uni in London
    I made this one and “Study Abroad” two separate items, because I specifically want to study in London. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than I could ever think of affording, which is why I won’t be going to London next semester. However, I am looking for internships in London for after I graduate! *crosses fingers*
  4. Ride a red double decker bus
    They just look like so much fun and so “London” don’t they? I got to go on several while on my trip and yes, they were fun! You get to people watch from on top and you get a nice look at the city. However, it was freezing cold when I was up there, so a bit of a downfall, but a great time regardless! Also, pretty proud of this photo I took. Quite nice, isn’t it?IMG_2227
  5. Eat Nando’s
    This one may sound a bit silly, but I watch a lot of British YouTuber’s and they’re always going on about Nando’s this and Nando’s that. So of course, I HAD to try it. I can happily say, it lives up to all the hype. The only downfall is that I am now constantly craving it and it’s only like a million miles away.

    “Food Coma” faces; Worth it.
  6. Visit the Harry Potter Studios – London
    The one place I requested to visit when in London, (besides lunch at Nando’s) had to be the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios. I mean, c’mon! It’s where the movies where filmed, where they have all the props, and original sketches, and the knight bus AND butter beer. One of the best tours, ever. Even my brother and mom, who only know about Harry Potter because of me truly enjoyed it!
  7. Watch Ed Sheeran Live
    Who’s with me! *raises hand* Ed Sheeran is probably my favorite artist/musician and when I realized he would be in Texas, only 8 hours away from me (1hr 30 min by plane) there was no doubt I would be there. My lovely mother accompanied me and he left us speechless, to say the least. Himself, his voice, and his guitar and the BEST show I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how much raw talent he has.
  8. Write for a big company
    I don’t know what or how or who, I just know it’d be pretty damm cool to publish something that would reach out to a broader public. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe something like being a contributer writer on a magazine/web page, like Gemma Styles who writes on The Debrief. (If you haven’t read her articles, get to it, she’s the perfect balance of witty and real.)
  9. Publish my own book
    Now for this one, I know exactly what and who, I just need to work on the how. But I’ll get there, don’t you worry. I dream of walking into a bookstore and being able to find my book, my story, my name, on the bookshelves, among all the other amazing books. *sighs*. Someday people will read my words – and hopefully, enjoy them.
  10. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Orlando
    Yes. The Harry Potter theme shall continue. There’s just so much! And have you seen the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando? A REAL life Hogwarts/HP World full of magic! They have wands that actually make stuff move, and fire-breathing dragons, and goblins at the bank and chocolate frogs and yes, so much yes.
  11. Volunteer in another country
    There are so many volunteer opportunities waiting all over the world, it’s just a matter of taking action and getting out there! It doesn’t matter what type of volunteer work, as long as I can help someone in need and hopefully make a difference somehow, I will accomplish my goal.
  12. Set foot in all 7 continents
    There’s seven, I live in North America and have been to Europe so that only leaves me 5 more to go! To explore the world is to fully and truly live, I believe.
  13. Go to every public library in every city I visit
    There are SO many beautiful and wonderful libraries out there, that I just wish I could see them all! Therefore, I’ve made it my goal to go to one public library in every new city that I visit. You never know what hidden gems you might find while exploring.
  14. Go to a Starbucks in every country I visit
    I just thought this would be fun, it’s a simple way of taking in other cultures simply by stopping by for a quick Starbucks. It’s something that personally, I’m so used to doing almost daily that I’d love to check out other unusual Starbuck locations around the world! A fun twist to such a common place for most of us.

So, what other fun and exciting things do you have in your bucket list?
Let me know in the comments, maybe we share some of the same ideas!

-Adriana .x


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