My top 5 favorite YA books!

Books, books, books!

I’m a lover of books; from mysteries to YA, from J.K Rowling to Zoe Sugg
I will read them all.

I am constantly googling “Top Books List” or “Best YA books” to find new reads. Or most Friday nights you’ll find me strolling through Barnes & Noble, hugging at least 3 books in my arms and picking up every single book that catches my eye. With that being said, I also love sharing my love for books with everybody that is interested! So I decided to put together my own “Top 5 favorite YA books list”, that I’ve recently read! I hope you enjoy it and find your next new book!

The Maze Runner – James Dashner

Mazerunner (1)

I recently finished this book and I was pretty amazed at how gripping it was! Within the first few pages I was absorbed, it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down! It’s gotten a lot of comparisons to The Hunger Games, but since I haven’t read THG I can’t speak for that. However, if you enjoy dystopian novels then make sure to look into The Maze Runner! I truly enjoyed it and will definitely be continuing with the series!

Girl Online – Zoe Sugg


I mentioned Zoe Sugg at the beginning, so I obviously had to mention her book! I got Girl Online when it recently came out due to the high good reviews about it, therefore I figured I would see what all the rave was about. At first I was really not into it. I read maybe the first two paragraphs, put it down and moved on to another book. It just didn’t grab my attention, however, I hate leaving an unread book on my shelf, so I decided to give it another try and I am so glad I did! As you get deeper into the story the characters really start developing, along with the storyline. I fell in love with the characters relationship and the guy protagonist himself. It’s sweet and it’s refreshing, definitely give it a try if you’re a hopeless romantic!

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight – Jennifer E. Smith10798416

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is an easy read; but again, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I loved it. I don’t know if it was my love for England and English boys that made me fall in love with this book but it’s worth a read, if you’re looking for something simple, yet lovely story. I’ve read several books by Jennifer E. Smith after this one, I just simply enjoy her style. Beautifully written, a story about destiny and love.

Every Day – David Levithan

Intriguing and original. I had never read a story like the one David Levithan provided in Every Day. It was a fun adventure to go along with the protagonist and throughout the whole book the only thing I was wondering was how the story could actually end. I just couldn’t find a possible ending (if that makes any sense) but the author managed to create one just perfectly. Levithan did a wonderful job telling this thought-provoking story and keeping me well entertained along the way.

Looking for Alaska – John Green

I don’t think John Green could ever disappoint with his books. This was the first John Green book I ever read. Now, it may be no “The Fault in Our Stars”, but nevertheless, it’s still pretty great. His stories are full of young life and love and beautifully put tragedies; Looking for Alaska is no exception. Here we get to dive into love and overall, friendship. We take a look at the struggles of teenagers, involving drugs, alcohol, depression and sexuality and we get to observe the consequences that follow. Keep in mind this is intended for Teenagers, but I bet everyone can get something good out of it!

So what are some books you have been reading lately? I’d love to get some new ideas to add on to my Book Wishlist! And if you’ve read any of the above mention, also let me know your thoughts on them!
Let’s talk books!

-Adriana .x


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